Keep your pets safe throughout the holidays!

Foods That Threaten Cats and Dogs

-Onions, garlic, leaks, & chives

-Dark meat turkey (can cause diarrhea)

-Keto-friendly/diabetic-friendly/sugar-free desserts as they might contain xylitol.

-Unbaked dough containing yeast


-Dark chocolate

Cautionary Flowers and Plants




-Baby’s Breath

-Sweet William

-Some ferns



-Autumn crocus

-Acorns from oak trees

Other Precautionary Tips

-Keep pets microchipped or wearing ID tags , especially when large parties will be opening your door frequently.

-Give foods such as: green beans, carrots, white meat turkey without skin, pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie!), apple slices

-Stay calm and call an emergency clinic in case of emergency! Click here for a list of emergency clinics.

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